The Whippety Wood

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Virkie Vole, named after the Orkney village he was born in, lives in the Whippety Wood in an old, discarded violin. Recycling at its very best. The fairies helped him build a door and make a snug and safe home. The magic of nature!

Welcome to the Wood!

Welcome to the magical world of the Whippety Wood. Located deep in the highlands of Scotland, the wood is home to the Whippety fairies. A host of colourful woodland characters also dwell within the wood. If you enjoy nature and believe in the magic of the natural world around us, take a peek at all the illustrations from the series. Enjoy the magic of nature! 

ABC's From The Whippety Wood is a silver medalist in the Moonbeam awards and Living Now awards for best Children's ABC and picture books! 
From a merry acorn Fairy to Zillo the zebra unicorn, young children are certain to discover the magic of nature, while they also master every letter of the alphabet. With whimsy and wonder, ABC’s From The Whippety Wood is the delightful teaching tool for children ages three to six years old that vividly showcases each alphabet letter, as well as the beauty of nature. This vibrant picture book will inspire a deeper appreciation of the natural world, while it teaches children the fundamentals of language in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and enlightening.


Imagine a teapot who thinks he’s a dragon, or a vole who lives in an old violin. From A to Z, the Whippety Woods are brimming over with a very merry cast of creatures that will capture the imaginations of young children everywhere, and help them foster a lifelong love of reading. The book also features fun facts that will broaden a child’s understanding of each of the characters. Discover the magic of the Whippety Wood. Kids and adults alike are sure to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the wonder that exists in our extraordinary natural world.


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A picture book about the alphabet that transports readers into a whimsical fairyland.

The charming illustration on the cover of Harden’s book is the first hint of the fantastical journey that awaits the reader. After a brief introduction to the secrets of the land of Whippety Wood, the book starts with the letter A and an acorn fairy who adores dancing and seems to come alive right on the page. Harden weaves a creative story with inventive words and pictures that not only bring each letter to life, but also take readers on a unique trip into a magical world. For example, for J, she introduces readers to “Jit the Junco and the juniper fairy,” who are enjoying the snow, and the illustrations show that a Junco is an adorable gray-and-white bird and that a juniper has a pine branch with berries; the juniper fairy, meanwhile, flies through the air with such joy on her face that readers can’t help but respond to the moment. The delightful illustrations have a whimsical quality reminiscent of best-selling author-illustrator Jan Brett’s but on a simpler level. Harden’s warmth and creativity are present on almost every page, and every image delivers. The text is simple to read aloud, but the word choices are sophisticated enough to prompt educational discussions between parent and child. The author even manages to include lessons about recycling, the true meaning of Christmas, multiculturalism and the importance of friendship, while also encouraging readers to look around them and see the beauty in nature. The book closes with a glossary that gives more detail about each picture and reveals hidden details. 

A marvelous picture book full of fine storytelling and magic.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-0989721608
Page count: 30pp
Publisher: TheWhippetyWood
Program: Kirkus Indie
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